no one knows what's going on here, part two


or whatever. 


this post is a list of things.



yes, i totally made that someecard.

kb and i have been having a someecard war for a few months or something now, and i'm totally losing at it.

shh, nobody tell her i finally figured out how to write my own.

or whatever.



it's been a slow summer, but kb and th have been keeping things going while i've been m.i.a.

come august, things will be picking up pace around here.

keep an eye out for some changes and additions.

or whatever.



this is the big, stupid bit of it all. 

i've been sick.

and not in a take-a-few-aspirin-sleep-late-and-then-walk-it-off-sick, it's all sort of an unknown entity.

there are pain killers.

and muscle spasms.

and a whole other bunch of nonsense. 

it's whatever.

but until we know what it is, we don't know what it is. 

it's a very specific situation. 


so, until future notice, please just be patient.  


in other news, i finally went to fenway.

so everything's okay.