cooking breakfast pasta with the second lieutenant


if you've already read today's books blog post, then you'll know i'm waiting for my building maintenance to come around to fix stuff and be all maintenance-y. (that's a technical term there.)

while i'm waiting, i've inserted my intravenous coffee drip and am seeing what work i can get done that isn't too involved. (though, if maintenance doesn't hurry up, i'm going to have to say screw it and go back to researching the dutch south african spice trade.)


so, anyway, i've been going through all my files, straightening up and what not, lo and behold, i found something. 


something i should have posted a long time ago. 

something that is totally going to make kb's day.


you see, before i moved to boston for grad school, kb and i got together one night and made dinner. 

it was an "or whatever" breakfast pasta dinner. 

nothing special.

just our regular ridiculous food and anthropology humor, wine, and general nonsense. 



well, those hijinks include a pictoral recipe, featuring the cactus garden's unofficial mascot chef: the second lieutenant. 


i know, i know.

i'm a horrible person and all that for not sharing this with all of you sooner. 

apologies and here, at long last, is the infamous breakfast pasta:



normally breakfast pasta is just pasta with a simple tomato sauce and a fried egg. 

when we made this that night, though, we decided to sauté up some onion and peppers to go with.

it was a bold and daring move. 


also, if you can't tell from those photos, kb doesn't have butter. 

she has some weird solid vegetable oil.

yeah, i don't get it, either.



pasta water.

i don't know why i'm bothering to explain these photos, actually.

pasta is pasta.

it doesn't need instructions.

we're all just looking at the pictures to see the second lieutenant, anyway.




there you go. 

pasta sauce cooking.



here's where things got ridiculous, though. 

remember kb's makin' bacon salt and pepper shakers?


yeah, so this awkwardness happened:



don't ask. 

it was late.

we were tired and hungry.

and we were sad that i was leaving.




i guess the cactus garden might have just lost it's pg rating.

maybe? maybe not

eh, it's whatever.


anyway, back to the food.




this was a very "chicken and the egg" moment.



c'est finis. 




p.s. here's a behind the scenes look at the photoshoot:



some people use cranes or stepladders or boxes to get their actors in the frame.

we use tape and popsicle sticks.