happy blogday!

it's been another year here in the cactus garden, which is kind of crazy when you think about it. 


back in 2008, the cactus garden was an awkward little blog that couldn't decide what it wanted to be when it grew up. 

now it's a full website with a kick-ass staff who all got together today to celebrate the blogday by drinking mimosas, putting not enough (because there's never enough) bacon on sandwiches, eating triple boston cream pie cake, and cheers-ing the new blog year with some sweet bubbles. 



so what's coming up in this new year?


am the elder is beginning a new segment, bloomeria lumiere, examining all things culture in film.

her first post will be up tomorrow afternoon, so keep an eye out for it!


nj is joining us as our in-house artist.

her first project will be illustrating our on-going king of the road story.

we'll be reposting the first chapter and a half with her illustrations here in the garden before we continue on.

(yay! no more awkward stock photos!)


to make commenting more user friendly, we've added a page where you can join the cactus garden as a member.

to sign up, visit the become a gardener page.


drunk food book club will be kicking off this year reading alone in the kitchen with an eggplant, which is a fun read even if you don't like eggplant. 

we'll be commenting as we read and drink over on the open forum until about december 20 or so, when we'll pick a new book. 

as always, feel free to drink and read along with us --- the more the merrier! 


books on my parents' shelves will be returning this friday. 

stay tuned for a special post there.


our dear friend, the second lieutenant, is currently m.i.a. (there are fears he may be lost behind enemy cat lines).

am the elder's juliet has volunteered to stand in as stunt double until our humble mascot is found.


juilet also has the honor of posing next to the cactus garden's current actual cactus, oliver. 



normally in these blogday posts we tell you a little about the past year, the stats and all that, but this past year was a quiet year, what with sm up in boston as a full-time grad student, so we don't really have anything too interesting to share there, except...




as in past years, we took a moment to look at the recent past search queries to see what readers were looking for when they found us.

most made sense, but one was mildly baffling and incited riotous laughter.


so we'd like to ask you, our wonderful readers, who went looking for cactus croquet porn?

and more importantly, why???

fess up now.


as for the rest of you, happy blogday.

we're glad you're here.