the story up until now


things i'm learning about being a full-time grad student:


i will never be able to physically do all of the reading i want to get done. 

class is essentially a break in between readings. sometimes classes get in the way of readings.

papers, unfortunately, don't write themselves.

writing papers about readings gets in the way of reading other readings. 

sleep gets in the way of reading. 

reading gets in the way of other readings.

oh, did i mention there was a lot of reading to get done?


all that said, i wouldn't trade this for anything. 


well, maybe an espresso machine.

i would trade it for an espresso machine. 

not that i have any space to put it in my kitchen.

i could keep it on my dining room table.

i think there's some space there amid the books and papers.


anyway, yes.

i wouldn't trade grad school for anything non-caffeine related.


and there are some other benefits to up-and-quitting-your-job-and-moving-to-a-city-where-you-only-really-know-one-other-person-to-study-your-hobby-and-become-so-incredibly-smart-hopefully.

i've met some really wonderful, like-minded people.


we have brunch on saturdays.

that's pretty great.

last week we had a pot-luck brunch.

tomorrow we're going to a food festival. 


there have been some after-class anthropology drinks and discussions. 

last night we talked about awkward cultural hijacking.

and then i texted kb and we decided that a.c.h. was a really great acronym.

because it sounds like exactly what we think when we think about awkward cultural hijacking. 

did i mention kb has started an awkward cultural hijacking tumblr? it's still in progress, but these are the things we think about.


i'm currently working on a project/series of papers about navigating new foodways and eating alone.

so far i've learned that i eat standing up in my kitchen. 

i also have a bad habit of eating the same thing over and over again.

i had a week where i only ate homemade pizza. 

okay, it was more like pizza bread sticks.

and then there was another week where i mostly ate olives. 

right now it's hummus and celery.

in other words, i really kind of suck at grocery shopping. 


it's okay, though, because i have holiday lights on top of my cupboards and magnetic spice jars on my fridge. 

oh, and googly eyes on my trash can. 

these things are important.


and that's pretty much where we are. 


p.s. rk, i know i said i'd post my paper today, but i think it's actually going to be monday. cause i'm about to go read five books and write four papers now.