or whatever bruschetta

seriously seriously, this post has gone through a lot of draft version names. 

names like: "in the cactus garden kitchen."

or: "eh, who needs measurements?"

even: "not m.f.k.f. monday."


the truth is, my cooking/kitchen style is really "or whatever."

don't have an ingredient? whatever.

that pie crust didn't turn out the way you inspected? whatever.

feel like measuring out all of your spices in your hand instead of using measuring spoons? whatever.

it's all fine by me.


cooking in the cactus garden kitchen often uses large doses of "or whatever," which isn't a bad thing. 

it can actually be pretty exciting. and tasty.

so, with that in mind, let's "or whatever" something up. 


yesterday kb's older sister, kb the elder, had an open house/birthday party and we totally or-whatevered-up some bruschetta.


for our or whatever bruschetta, we generally use:


a whole container of grape tomatoes

a lot basil

too much fresh garlic (in a pinch you can use powdered)

some glugs of olive oil

a few splashes of balsamic vinegar (clear or dark or whatever is fine)

to taste sea salt 


slice up the tomatoes however you like slicing them.

we diced ours into fourths here.


slice your basil.

if you roll your basil up before you slice it, you can get nice, even cut.

that slicing technique is called a chiffonade. (did i spell that correctly? eh, whatever.)

anyway, yeah. chiffonade the basil.


if you get bored easily, like me, you can always just mash slice (that's a technical term) the basil up.*


get your garlic out and pick out too many cloves to mince.


if you're having problems getting the peel off of the garlic, you can always smash the clove with the flat of your chef's knife or the bottom of a cup to get it out.


toss the tomatoes, garlic, and basil together in a bowl and your olive oil, vinegar, and salt.


stir it all together, taste, and admire your awesome handiwork. 


serve with something.

like bread.

or toss with chicken and pasta. 

or add to a sandwich. 


or whatever. 


*the second lieutenant, the cactus garden's sous chef, was not harmed during the making of this recipe.

see? proof: