the baltimore list


you all know i love you, right?


don't take this next bit personally, okay?


you might noticed writing has been kind of not been happening recently. 

there's a good reason for that.

i just couldn't be bothered to write.


you see, i've gotten a little involved in other projects.

okay, that's an understatement. 

i've gotten a lot of involved in other projects.

in fact, i've become something i never expected to be. 

i've become a crafter.


it all started with this list i posted on facebook (which was totally inspired by joy the baker's list, if you're wondering):


as you may or may not know, i'm moving from baltimore to boston in the end of august. 

and it just so happens that this move coincides with my 26th birthday.


so with that all in mind, i've come up with a list of 26 things i want to do before i move.

if you'd like a letter, send me your address in an email. 

or if you'd like to participate (perhaps have a cup of coffee?) or have restaurant or photo suggestions, let me know below! 


26 - say "good morning" to 26 people (14 definite "good mornings" have been said)

25 - write and mail 25 (slow mail) letters (18 letters have been written and mailed)

24 - throw 24 good luck pennies into fountains

23 - give out 23 compliments (6 compliments have been given)

22 - scan 22 (at least! or more!) books to continue the books on my parents' shelves site

21 - write 21 memories on my "hijinks that ensued" project (4 memories have been posted)

20 - (learn how to make and) make 20 good luck cranes to give out

19 - take 19 photos of places in baltimore i love (2 photos have been taken)

18 - learn 18 facts about baltimore (1 baltimore fact has been learned)

17 - find 17 baltimore-specific recipes

16 - throw out or give away 16 things i don't need anymore (16 things have been given away!)

15 - make 15 crafty things for my new home (8 crafty items have been made)

14 - try 14 new foods and drinks (7 new foods have been tasted)

13 - write 13 baltimore-themed seeds posts

12 - drink 12 cups of coffee (not in one sitting!) with friends (3 cups of coffee have been drunk)

11 - leave 11 easter eggs (not literal eggs... be serious people) in my office (9 easter eggs have been placed, the last two will be placed on my last day or so!)

10 - make 10 gifts to give to friends (3 gifts have been made)

9 - try out 9 new recipes (3 new recipes have been tried)

8 - call 8 friends i haven't talked to in a long time (7 friends have been called)

7 - play 7 games (like croquet, fictionary, apples to apples, etc...) with friends (3 game has been played)

6 - get 6 baltimore-specific (old bay, berger cookies, etc...) food items for my new home (6 items have been identified, but still need to be bought...)

5 - make 5 earl grey martinis

4 - spend (at least!) 4 hours of "sister time" with both of my sisters (at least 4 hours have been spent with my younger sister so far...)

3 - go to 3 restaurants in baltimore that i've never been to before (3 new restaurants have been tried!)

2 - tell 2 parents (i'm thinking of using my own) how wonderful they are (2 parents received letters telling them how wonderful they are, but i think i should just keep telling them this every day!)

1 - take 1 one-way road trip (this will happen august 31... f.y.i.)


crafting and lists. 

it's a slippery slope, my friends.

but i'm halfway done with the list, and then hopefully i'll make a full recovery to my normal, food, and anthropological self.


until then, how do wednesday and sunday posts sound to you? 

or whatever.