truth and reconciliation

discard me, for

i have undone

all the poetry and plans

i lied to you.

the way it was

—so bleak, so bright, so moribund—

broke us once and promised to again.


what you cannot forgive

i do not regret. 

shelter me, as i did you,

and harvest from me hope.

i have none to turn the wheel

—wind and water beat the planks—

but so uselessly we fail. 


fairytales in which we age

and gray glimpses of the truth

deceive us both, and i can cry for two.

if you are here when i am gone

my lie will lie undone.



it's a poetry sort of day.

i found this one in my archives while sorting out old papers.

it's been a few years since i wrote it, but it still brings back old memories like nobody's business. 

i've been doing a good amount of writing (though not here in the garden... eh, it happens) in between packing boxes and trying to see every person i know before i leave.

so, yes, i'm feeling all nostalgic here.

and perhaps just a bit teary-eyed.

these things happen.



be kind to yourself, friends.

you're all amazing.