through the anthroscope

so, i was just glancing through my notes, and would you believe it?

this is our twenty-fifth anthroscope post.

that's rather impressive when you think about it.


in other news, i was going to write a bit about today's yesterday's clips, but clearly i've been living under a rock. 

since last week's anthroscope share came from vimeo, i had no clue the whole youtube http/https nonsense was going on.

so last night, i sat down to write a deep, thought-provoking post about ethnographies and visual anthropology and the need for reflexive anthropology. you know, our favorite subjects. 

and then i got the youtube dark screen of death.


so i'm just going to post these clips and hope kb says something fabulously enlightening in the comments for you all.




meanwhile, i might need to go back and re-embed a good portion of our past anthroscope posts.

please be patient as i sort this all out.