king of the road: chapter two, part four

we've been reading my silly king of the road story (complete with random stock photo illustrations) here in the garden for awhile now.

if you're just joining us or need to catch up, you can read the first chapter, jasper and the road, here and the first three sections of the second story, jasper and the night out, here.



“Damn it,” I said, and because of the silence and because of the drunk, it sounded too loud. I jumped down off of the back of the lorry and almost tossed the empty bottle onto the flatbed before I remembered I could hit Jasper up for a refill. Whiskey out of nothing was a whiskey I could afford and sitting sober in the middle of nowhere was a situation to avoid.

You were asleep in a truck cab parked down away from the main construction zone, curled up on the passenger seat like you were trying to disappear into the seam of the seat. I debated between waking you and walking away. If you were awake, you would probably tell me to stop being an asshole and go away. I try to think these things through when I can.


words: 139


i've been thinking about uping our average word count for a little while now.

i think i'm going to estimate around 150 words at a time (up from 100) and we'll see how that works for us.

if there's a call for more of the story, i might up our word count to 200 or 250.

we'll see.

meanwhile, how dusty is that truck window?

clearly it's from all the construction going on in the canyon in the story.

it isn't a stock photo of an abandoned truck at all.

shhhh... just go with it.