june wrap-up


it's been a pretty spectacular month here in the cactus garden.


like, surprisingly spectacular.

so much so, that i thought i'd share some of these crazy impressive statistics with you.


over 32,250 of you visited the cactus garden this past month.

that's a lot.

especially because kb and i are too lazy to really market ourselves.

honestly, even my business cards are out-of-date.

and i keep forgetting i need to make kb business cards.

but yeah.

32,250 (and counting).

that's more than five times our normal visitors.

thank you, lovely strangers!


your top five favorite posts in june were:

1. the cookie jar poem

2. how to survive on thirteen dollars a day

3. this changes everything

4. what do you dream of?

5. this doesn't look very sharp


you had a lot of search queries this past month and, being the benevolent blogger that i am, i thought i'd help you guys out with a few of those searches.


a couple people wanted to know about cactus shelves.

as far as i know, cacti don't really make good shelves. they're prickly. and lumpy. and tend to grow vertically, not horizontally. to make one strong enough, you might need to dry it out. or dip it in concrete. another way to go would be to paint pictures of cacti onto a regular shelf. or learn how to carve wood without chopping off your fingers.

we don't really have cactus shelves on this site, but we do have the epicurean canon, which is a of list books we think are worth reading (or want to read). i guess that's kind of like a virtual cactus bookshelf, but not really.


a couple more people, or maybe the same people — i don't know, asked about ways to arrange a cactus garden in a gla...

i'm not sure what a "gla..." is, but i'm going to guess glass.

here's how you do it:

sand/dirt stuff on the bottom. cactus plants on top.


someone else asked about rum in tomato soup cake.


do it.

i bet it'd be awesome.

if you need a recipe to get started, we tried out m.f.k. fisher's version last month. the recipe is here.


the last search question i thought i'd answer wanted to know about zombie party foods.



just deep fry them.

serve with bbq sauce or honey mustard or whatever.

or i guess you could serve a tomato.


on that note, kb and i would like to thank you again!

here's to next month!