a cast of citations, sk

you're probably not keeping tracking of our posts, but good news: i am.

and guess what?

it's time for another guest-list-of-links-with-random-animal-group-but-not-titles-and-pretty-cactusy-pictures posts.

life is grand here in post land, isn't it?




sk is a crafter, baker, reader, writer, and awesome person extraordinaire. though she's been taking a break from them recently, sk is the genius behind gas light bibliophile, lustrous owl, and divergent dainties. she is currently finishing her mls. —sm


most of the blogs i read revolve around history and/or crafts and/or fashion with a select few that are vegan, gluten free or vegan and gluten free.


sk's cast of citations



jane austen's world



the pioneer woman


morrea sea


vegan lunch box


the ordinary vegetarian

sometimes sweet 


art equals happy


married to the sea


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