the undergrad garth


welcome back to the undergrad garth — that wonderful little space where we sort through and dissect my notes undergrad notes in hopes of finding a few useful tidbits to save (and organize!) for future reference!

today's scavenge comes from one of my all time favorite undergrad classes: native american archaeoastronomy.


archaeoastronomy is the archeological study of people's past astronomical knowledge.


some books of interest on or related to the topic include:

patterns in the sky, by stephen fabian.

the artic sky, by john macdonald.

history of greenland, by david cranz.

narrative of an expedition to eastcoast of greenland, by w.a. graah.

the golden bough, by james g. frazer.

the trickster, by paul radin.

american indian myths and legends, by richard edoes and alfonso ortiz.

stars of the first people, by dorcas miller.


to be perfectly honest, i can't remember why i listed all of these books in my notes (other than the fact that i have a terrible book habit).

of course, that is the whole point of this post: to see what i have and to try to remember why i thought it was so all important.


some of these books do look fascinating, though.

and the golden bough is a classic.