through the anthroscope

i have some pretty big news this week.

the big exciting reveal is over on today's books on my parents' shelves post, but the gist of it is this:

i got into grad school.

i'm moving to boston.

and i'm going to be studying gastronomy.

how awesome is that?


the program i'm going into was created with the help of julia child and jacques pepin.

jacques pepin still teaches master classes there occasionally.

(there's one this summer... i'm so disappointed i can't move up sooner!)

so, with that in mind, it seemed only fitting that today's anthroscope post be a clip of these two greats.



there really is something magical that happens when they're both in the kitchen.

i love their banter and they way it feels like they're making it all up as they go along.

it's all so natural.

oh, and i also like sandwiches. and olives.


if you'd like to see more about the program i'm going into, you can check out that info page on boston university's website here. (i'll be doing the history and culture track.)

and if you'd like to see the course list, that's here.


a couple of you might be wondering if there will be any changes to the cactus garden.

here's the thing, i can't make any promises.

our weekly segments might change.

rate of posts might change.

we'll just take it all as it comes.


let's make a deal now, though: no promises and no apologies.

because, seriously, we all have better things to do than jabber uselessly about trivialities.

this is exciting stuff, so no fretting.

you're all awesome, and i'm looking forward to sharing my adventures with you as they come!