a span of sources, tm

hello, hello! guess what today is!

it's count-the-hours-down-until-the-weekend-oh!-look-there's-a-new-cactus-garden-post! friday.

this isn't just any run-on-title friday post, though.

this is one of our infamous guest-list-of-links-with-random-animal-group-but-not-titles-and-pretty-cactusy-pictures friday posts.

aren't you glad you checked in here today?

me too.

some please take away my hyphen key now.



joining us today is the amazingly awesome tm. tm is the witty genius, brave chef (hint: look for her savory caprese sundae!), and stunning photographer behind tasty trix. when she's not having too much fun exploring restaurants in eastern europe, she's the online food and drink editor for the urbanite. —sm


tm's span of sources


food network humor

a site that mocks sandra lee, rachel ray, bobby flay et al is worth hours and hours of my wasted time.



because i can’t just read about trashy food celebrities – i need to see what’s up with other sorts of trashy celebs as well.


sis! boom [blog!]

food blogging is dominated by women, but trevor, who writes sis! boom, is not only all man, he is all the way out of the closet, sometimes (esp. when referring to his husband) causing consternation and confusion for the legions of mommy bloggers and christians (they are often the same person) out there. he is snarky and hilarious and i love him.


taste of beirut

the wordly and glamorous joumana accad’s seemingly endless supply of lebanese and middle eastern recipes.


foodgawker and tastespotting

food porn, pure and simple. and sometimes they accept my food photos, which makes me like them. (except when they reject my food photos … at those times, i hate them.)


the winter guest

written by “miriam from madrid” this blog gives context to many traditional spanish dishes, and is accompanied by beautiful eye candy. and if you want to brush up on your spanish, she writes a version in her native language as well.


ko rasoi

think you don’t like vegetarian food? this blog, written by u.k. gujarati blogger sanjana modha, features luscious dishes that will likely change your mind. everything of sanjana’s that I have tried has been incredible.


the congo cookbook

my go-to site for learning about how to approach african dishes, including recipes, context, regional cuisines, ingredients, and more.


gode cookery

no, it’s not pretty, but it is an amazing resource for medieval recipes, both in the original and translated/interpreted forms.


grub street philly

because there is so much good food in philly … and i am a dork, and i think restaurant gossip is fun.


want more guest links? you can see the rest of this series here.