m.f.k.f. monday, sausage pie


i have a confession to make.

okay, it's kind of like two confessions in one. two parts of the same confession. or whatever.


today's post almost wasn't today's post.

i didn't make this recipe.


i was tired.

the thought of cooking was tiring.

the thought of even just picking out a recipe was tiring.

and, i had just gone on a hot air balloon ride. so, screw regularly scheduled posts.

insert petulant face.



clearly my petulant face failed.

blame (or rather, thank) my mother.

i mentioned the possible lack of a m.f.k. fisher recipe for this week and she decided that just wouldn't do.

and so, being the wonderful, amazing person that she is, she made two m.f.k. fisher recipes for me. (the second recipe, tomato soup cake, will appear in two weeks, after our next monday undergrad garth.)


i'll admit, i wasn't very helpful.

i helped grocery shop.

i photographed.

i played music.

but mostly i tried to catch up on all of the other writing and research that had been lagging behind.

so, if these m.f.k. fisher recipes look prettier and tastier than the past ones i've posted, well that's because they are (were).

my mum just kicks ass like that.



a very quick dish which is inexpensive, and good with a salad and cheese and coffee for supper is:


sausage pie (or sardine pie)


½ pound sausage [or bacon] (or ½ can sardines)

tomato sauce

biscuit mix

1 teaspoon grated onion or chopped green onion


spread sausage [or bacon or fish] thin in pie-pan or shallow casserole. let heat in quick oven and pour off almost all fat. (leave oil on sardines.)

make one-half usual baking powder biscuit, mixing with tomato sauce [... or meat stock/ it is a question of flavors. one good combination with bacon strips is milk in the biscuit mix, plus a generous half-cup of grated cheese.] instead of milk or water. add the onion and any chopped herbs you like. pour over the sausage, and bake in hot oven until firm and brown [... about twenty minutes].


shrimps are good in this pie too; indeed, it came from portugal, where they used to grow on bushes, practically (fisher 274).


some quick notes:

my mum baked the sausages at 450° for about fifteen to twenty minutes until they were brown around the edges.

the biscuit topping was baked at 400° for about fourteen minutes.

it all worked out very well.