m.f.k.f. monday, tomato soup cake


have you ever had one of those days where you're sure you have something and you just can't find it?

you keep looking and looking (often in the same spots over and over again!) and whatever you're looking for — keys, library books, remotes, socks, that odd little doodle you drew on the bar napkin the night before — has just disappeared.

there's no explanation.

there's no suicide note or forwarding address.

it's just gone.


your inanimate objects do not love you.

and they don't care enough to let you know that they're leaving you.

or that they're taking your reading glasses with them.



i don't how technology-inclined you are, but most of my stuff — photos, documents, important papers, etc. — are all on my computer.

my cat, the infamous phebe, made it clear early on in our relationship that should i upset her by sleeping in or not wanting playing chase-the-string at three in the morning (f.y.i. she chases the string, not me), she would destroy every piece of paper or cardboard i owned.

nothing else. just paper and cardboard.

i lost paychecks, syllabi, and moving boxes.

one of the most embarrassing things i've ever had to do is explain to a professor that i needed a new syllabus because my cat has shredded the original.

i'm sure you can imagine the reaction.

phebe's reign of terror was rather intense.

i learned the hard way to scan, transfer, and save everything to my laptop.

my technocat (she has a microchip, thus: technocat) made me a technoperson.


does this story have a point?

sort of.

saving copies of photos and rough versions of blog posts is a large part of what i do throughout the week.

and i thought i had done just that with the photos for today's m.f.k. fisher recipe.

i thought everything was saved in the photo library, ready to go.




that kind-of-stupid, kind-of-blurry, clichéd photo up there are the top of the page is the best of the four tomato soup cake photos i could find in my archives.

the rest of the photos i took that night are just... gone.



i think i might have a photo or two still saved on my phone in hipstamatic.

but you know what?

if photos could be jerks, these ones would be the biggest jerks in the universe.

i don't want to find those other photos.

so there.


or whatever.

these things happen.

also, i tend to ramble. f.y.i.


but really, let's move on to the really important stuff: tomato soup cake.

ms. fisher's notes on it are as follows:


another good cake, to eat plain with coffee, or frosted with a covering of cream cheese and powdered sugar and a little rum if possible is:


tomato soup cake


3 tablespoons butter or shortening

1 cup sugar

1 teaspoon soda

1 can tomato soup

2 cups flour

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg, ginger, cloves mixed

1 ½ cups raisin, nuts, chopped figs, what you will


cream butter, add the sugar, and blend thoroughly. add the soda to the soup, stirring well, and add this alternately to the first mixture with the flour and spices sifted together. stir well, and bake in a pan or loaf-tin at 325˚.*


this is a pleasant cake, which keeps well and puzzles people who ask what kind it is. it can be made in a moderate oven while you are cooking other things, which is always sensible and makes you feel rather noble, in itself a small but valuable pleasure (fisher 313-314).


it's awesome.

not too sweet.

not too soupy.

well, not soupy at all.

if you didn't know what kind of cake it was, you'd have no clue there was tomato soup in it.



and even though our photo isn't that great, the cake still looks good.

this is, of course, because (if you'll remember from our last m.f.k.f. monday post) i didn't make it.

my mother, in her infinite wonderfulness, made two m.f.k. fisher recipes for me because i was so overwhelmed that i was considering cancelling m.f.k.f. mondays.


so, if you like m.f.k.f. mondays, thank my mother.

she saved them.


*i can't remember how long my mum baked this for, but she is an avid reader of this site, so i wouldn't be surprised if she comments below with her notes... also, she did add the fruit, even though it wasn't mentioned in the directions.