king of the road: chapter two, part one

today's kind of a big day.

well, it's kind of a big day if you've been enjoying our king of the road story, that is.

today we start the second chapter of this nonsense: "jasper and the night out."

okay, so i guess it's not really that big a day.

i make these things up.

i'm sorry.


if you're just joining us, you can still still read our first chapter, "jasper and the road," over here.

don't worry, it's not too long.

you can read it all in one sitting and before you start chapter two.

if you want more detail about the story segments or the random photos, you'll have to go back and read the original posts. those can all be found here.

(and yes, they're in reverse order. go to the last page to start. otherwise you'll be really, really confused.)



It was early in the morning when the noise suddenly stopped.

If it hadn’t been for the floodlights, it would have been pitch black down on the canyon floor. With everything lit, it could have been two in the afternoon just as easily as it was two in the morning. The excavators at the far end of the canyon were barely visible; they looked like dark, wavering claw marks against the canyon sides. As unsettling as the lights were, though, even more unsettling were the power strips plugged directly into the banking walls.


words: 93


like our floodlight?

i tried to find alternative illustrations to the ridiculous stock photos for this chapter.

i even tried drawing stick figures for you.

as it turns out, stick figure canyons look like squiggles.

at least, that's how i draw them.

apparently i can't draw.

the results were kind of laughable.

okay, they weren't even laughable. they were sad.

so, unless someone with more artistic ability than an armadillo with a crayon (i.e. me) would like to donate his/her time to this horribly unworthy cause, it's back to stock photos we go.