when worlds collide, you get books. sometimes.

a while back, we established the fact that i have a serious addiction that appears to be genetic.

having not gone into any type of treatment or 12-step program for my book addiction, the list of books i'd like to read at some point has grown immensely. so naturally, i've been considering adding a few more titles to the epicurean canon.

okay, i admit it.

i use the epicurean canon as a cheat sheet when i'm considering buying books.

but that doesn't mean it still can't be a great starting place for research or not-really-light reading.


today i thought we take a quick glance at the books that have caught my eye recently.

i don't know if any of you do this, but when i'm wandering through bookstores or libraries, i tend to take pictures of covers that catch my eye with my phone.

it's faster than writing down the information, but it does mean i often take way to many photos.

oh, well. such is life.

anyway, forgive the poor photo quality.


let's look at some book covers.


feel free to judge them at will ala books on my parents' shelves style.

i know i am.