through the anthroscope, week thirteen

want to know something you might not know about me?


i almost went into linguistic anthropology.

(not sure what that is? here's the basic definition the society for linguistic anthropology uses and maintains.)


early on, after i realized i want to add anthropology as a second major but before i realized food anthropology was my thing, i seriously considered focusing on linguistics.

true, food anthropolgy is pretty tasty and a lot of fun, but that doesn't mean i don't still passively follow work being done by linguistic anthropologists.

or get a small thrill when i see something i bet linguistic anthropologists would find fascinating.


so, thanks to my dad, sdm, who emailed this link to me, today's anthroscope is anthro-linguistically (yes, i just made that term up — it's another one for the books; someday i should make an english to cactus garden dictionary) inclined.