m.f.k.f. monday, salad with anchovies

today feels like a good day for a quiet post, what do you think?

it's a good day to try out another of ms. m.f.k. fisher's recipes.

it's a salad day.




now and then i like to put tomatoes, sliced onions (preferably those pretty rose-blue ones), garden greens, fresh chopped herbs, some anchovy fillets or a boiled sliced potato or a hard-cooked egg into a bowl, sprinkle them with salt, freshly ground pepper, vinegar, and oil, and toss them lightly, the italian way, the way hungry venetian waiters on their days off from the big restaurants in san francisco do it for themselves at places like la tosca, while the juke-boxes throb "return to sorrent" and "now is the hour" (fisher 604).