king of the road, part fifteen

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“Do you know how to fly this thing?” I asked.

Jasper shrugged. “How hard can it be?”

“Lovely,” you said, but we managed to take off all the same. Below, a sea of people wearing shirts that said things like ‘Minion,’ ‘Peasant,’ and ‘I Surrendered!’ watched us leave. Most of the reporters were already wearing their t-shirts. Some people even waved their bumper stickers in the air. Jasper took a picture of the crowd with his camera phone.

It wasn’t until you gripped my arm that I noticed. The engine was running, we were in the air, but the propellers weren’t moving. It was all just Jasper again.

words: 108


it's oddly fitting we were able to break the first chapter up into fifteen parts. and less awkward than, say, seventeen and three fourths or something.


i was seriously considering another stock helicopter photo for today, but i love the idea of our three characters strolling past the crowd off into the sunset.

you can imagine the helicopter they're about to get into is just outside of the frame.

oh, and i think that might be three guys in the foreground. you can pretend one of them's a girl.

whatever. it works. don't laugh at me.


by popular demand (i.e. about three of you said they'd like to read more — and shame on the rest of you for not responding; i know you're here — i have the statistics) we'll continue with chapter two, "jasper and the night out," in a couple weeks.


stock photo hunting is getting tiring.

i'm seriously considering illustrating our next chapter entirely with stick figures.