the undergrad garth



let's continue our adventure into my old notes.


of course, as i'm glancing through and posting, everything we look at will be somewhat haphazard and in no real order.


today we have a quote from the great claude levi-strauss' structural anthropology, volume 2:

both history and ethnography are concerned with societies other than the one in which we live. whether this otherness is due to remoteness in time ... or to remoteness in space, or even to cultural heterogeneity, is of secondary importance compared to the basic similarity of perspective ... in both cases we are dealing with systems of representations which differ for each member of the group and which, on the whole, differ from the representations of the investigator. the best ethnographic study will never make the reader a native. all that historian or ethnographer can do, and all that we can expect of them, is to enlarge a specific experience to the dimensions of a more general one (levi-strauss 16-17).