a leash of links, th


it's that time again.

it's time for lists of links with random animal-group-but-not titles and pretty cactus-y pictures.

isn't it nice having reoccurring themes?



th is a food enthusiast and former baker. a devoted technophile, he's generally the person i call in a cactus garden computer crisis (like when i had to figure out how to set up the domain name). so, it's no surprise that today's food, anthropology, literary, and whatnot links have a bit of theme: technology.


th's leash of links


a gadget blog that also has frequent food-related articles and the occasional sociological article.

another gadget blog.

more gadgets. (you may be sensing a trend here.)

still more gadgets. (i may have a problem.)

i'm sure you can guess what this site is.

a science fiction blog that surprisingly also has food articles from time to time.

bookshelf porn
pictures of bookshelves, lots and lots of beautiful bookshelves.

all sorts of interesting posts across a wide range of topics.

what you get when you combine google maps with wikipedia.

a great food blog.

book of odds
the odds of just about everything.

tips and tricks for making life easier, often with a technological bent.


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