king of the road, part fourteen

looking for the first thirteen segments of the story?

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they're all right here.



The slower, more cautious ones still tossed questions at us, like “What’s going on here?” “Who are you?” “What are your plans?” “Do you have a message for the nation? For the world? For the president?”

“Yeah,” Jasper said before we got into the helicopter. “Reality TV is over-rated.” You kicked him. Hard. “And global-warming is real.” You kicked him again. Harder. Jasper glared at you. You smiled. “And we’re commandeering this helicopter.”

We handed out the last t-shirts and bumper stickers even though Jasper complained he wanted to dump them from the air like in the movies. “We’re not littering,” you said adamantly, and that was the end of that.

words: 111


if you can't tell by my lazy stock microphone photo, i'm feeling a little lazy today and just couldn't be bothered to look for something more fitting.

but this sort of lazy is actually lazy in a good way.

i go on vacation tomorrow for the first time in a looonng time. and i have a hot air balloon flight scheduled for next week. life is pretty exciting right now.

we have one more king of the road post before we finish this first chapter. (which, if you haven't noticed the tags, is titled "jasper and the road." yeah, i just redid all of those to include that. it's all good.)

so, feedback. shall we go on to chapter two, "jasper and the night out"?

or should we call it quits?