through the anthroscope, week twelve

i'll admit, i've been a little hesitant about posting ted talks in the anthroscope.

they're just so many of them. and most of them are really good. how could i choose?

it was difficult.

i spent several serious minutes in deep thought, browsing through.

it came down to two:

the rambunctious kid who's already decided he wants to be a farmer.

or the chef that appreciates veggies so much, i want to hang out with him and talk asparagus.


i couldn't pick.

so you luck out.

you get two ted talks today in the anthroscope.

you're welcome.



seriously, this kid has style.

you can tell he's nervous, but i'm impressed with how well he handles the audience.



by the way, new official phrase: meat sweats.

thank you for introducing us to that one, chef seaver.

you're awesome.