a seige of sources, rr

it seems about time for more lists of links with random animal-group-but-not titles and accompanying cactus-y pictures. i quite enjoy them, and i hope you do, too. if you're looking for our earlier lists, lp's is here and kb's is here.



joining us today is rr of coconut & lime. rr is  professional recipe developer, food columnist, cookbook author, and food photographer, which is all pretty bad ass if you ask me. she also has excellent taste in neighborhood restaurants (ahem, hamilton tavern) and sci-fi tv shows. —sm


rr's seige of sources


eating for beginners

melanie rehak not only wrote a really enjoyable book about food and eating but one about nancy drew. my kind of person.

food in jars

the blog that really set off my new obsession with canning.

korean food gallery

very new but it is already drool-worthy.

punk domestics

canning, pickling, preserving, curing.

murder by gaslight

a blog about 19th century crimes and murder. i love that this even exists.

the selvedge yard

a delightful combination of history and photographs.