through the anthroscope, week eleven

today is a mixed anthroscope.

we have two clips, one food and one anthropology based.

neither were commercially made.

both were posted on youtube.

both are artistically-inclined. kind of.

one is a song about anthropology.

the other features a couple of employees in a pizza restaurant dancing while they work.

i really like one. i wish i liked the other one more.


the first clip, the anthropology song, i found through mundane ethnography (which is great blog, you should check it out).



i like it.

well, no. i like the idea of it.

the malinowski line cracks me up.

but i feel like it has some issues.

it's not just that the lyrics don't all work for me, it that the music and the lyrics don't feel like they match.

maybe if the music had been slowed down to match the wordiness of the lyrics or the lyrics had been parred down to fit the music better i think it would have been a lot more successful.

maybe that's just me, though. maybe you love it. that's great.

i do think it was a valiant effort. and that there should be more songs about anthropology.

because anthropology is awesome.


our second clip today comes from pizza professional with ocd (another great blog).

this is what happens (apparently) when she puts the radio on classical music in her kitchen.



yeah. i was way too amused by that.

not much else to say.