through the anthroscope, week ten

i'm a huge fan of the anthroscope, and so i'm rather sad we didn't have a post last week.

life can be unrelentingly, though, and in the face of personal and global tragedies, keeping up with posts just isn't a top priority.

i'm sure you all understand.


that said, i wish i could share more than just a trailer with you of this week's anthroscope find.

cooking history is currently one of my (and i think kb's) favorite food documentaries.

we saw it for the first time this past fall at a margaret meade film festival and since then we've referred back to it in conversations repeatedly.

kb recently rewatched it for her mfa project and last night i showed it to my mother, so despite everything else going on, this documentary has been at the forefront of my ramblings. if you get a chance, i highly suggest finding, buying, or hanging out with me in person so you can watch the film in its entirety.



to find out more about this film, check out their site cooking history.