king of the road, part ten

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“This is getting ridiculous,” you said. You stepped out of your heels onto the pavement, then put them back on again. “Fuck, that’s hot.” I glanced at Jasper, but he was busy being all-powerful and getting fresh batteries for the camera.

Things sped up when you told Jasper he couldn’t hold interviews with everyone who filled out an application. And that holding interviews in the middle of the highway wasn’t appropriate. I kept quiet and kept handing out the giveaways.

“But who’s going to oversee all these people?” Jasper asked.

“We can deal with that later,” you said. “We’re running behind schedule.”


words: 102


i'm trying out the whole scheduling posts ahead of time thing.

hopefully it worked. if not, oh well. back to the drawing board.

i'm kind of loving this stock photo (though i did play around with it in photoshop... color adjustments and all that). it's pretty close to what i pictured their feet looking like, though i hadn't really considered a skirt.


i'm rambling now.

those do look like the most miserable heels to be wearing in this story, though.