i don't feel like writing this post.


it's not you.

you're awesome.


it's today. today is grey. today is gross.

one of my coworkers just gave our office a twenty minute lecture explaining the entire plot of the social network.

i'm not a big movie person and i didn't really want to see that movie, anyway, but he just would not stop talking.

and, to make it all even more bizarre, he doesn't even have a facebook account. what's up with that?

i need to recalibrate my laptop battery, but that means not being able to use my computer for five plus hours. i could get a lot of work done in five plus hours. or i could get a lot of procrastination done in five plus hours. sometimes those things are the same thing.

my office doesn't have windows.

and my coffee made me depressed this morning. don't ask why, it just did.


this is just one of those days.

reality sucks.


despite all of that petty misery, there's been a lot of work going on here in the cactus garden.

call it preparing for spring or whatever. i just like seeing completed to-do lists.

between that and a pair of headphones, my coworker could recite entire movie scripts line by line and i wouldn't care.


i finally stopped being lazy and set up the official domain name for the site. you can still use the squarespace web address to get here, but that's no longer necessary. is officially home.

the home page has been redone a bit. as far as i can tell, that's not a bad thing.

you can also like the cactus garden on facebook now. that little button thing on the right actually works. and if you like reading seeds, for the most part that's the only place i share seeds links on facebook anymore. (i believe kb still shares her seeds links on her personal facebook page as well as on the cactus garden page.)

marketing makes me tired, which is kind of ironic since i work in marketing.

seeds is almost up and running to the point that you can expect posts daily. that's pretty exciting.

the cactus garden is also almost up to a regular posting schedule — mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. this, of course is all subjective to what else is going on and is by no means official. as it is, i already skipped posting one monday so i could prep the frame for a new dream catcher. these things happen.

i've been working on a 365 photo project (all food photos). you can count how often i have pizza and salad for dinner (or not) over in the gourmet gallery. those photos are also updated once a month on facebook. speaking of, i should probably go update all of that.

we've started two new post series, the anthroscope and guest link lists.


it's been a busy month or so. as for what's next, i'm not too sure yet.

is there anything you'd like more of — posts, pictures, specific topics? what do you like reading and seeing?