through the anthroscope, week eight

when i was in high school, i was a pretty quiet person.

i still am somewhat, but not in the same ways that i was back then.

i wasn't big on going out. i was never the crazy high school student doing random, possibly offensive, things.

and i was shy in an odd way; i was a theater major, and being shy while also wanting to be on stage makes things a little bit complicated.

by the time weekends came around, i had used up all of my dealing-with-other-people energy. i wanted to be left alone.

so saturday nights i became a hermit. i perfected the art of hermitude.

i cleaned my room. and made bread in the bread maker. maybe had a glass of soda. (this was when i was still drinking soda.)


but most importantly, on saturday nights the bbc reigned supreme.

on a little, box tv (the first color tv my mother's family ever owned), i would watch are you being served, keeping up appearances, waiting for god, the vicar of dilby, my hero, yes minister, and all sorts of quirky shows that, had i been more open about my voluntary hermitude, would have confirmed to the world that i kind of sucked at being a teenager. (or rather, a rebel teenager. being awkward and unsure of myself i was great at.)

out of all of these shows, my favorite was doctor who.

it came on the latest, usually around midnight or 12:30. and it lasted the longest. half of the time it was difficult to tell what was going on because the small screen. (i think the screen was about half the size or less than the size of my laptop screen today.)

i started watching with the tom baker episodes and then moved on to the peter davidson. when both tom baker and peter davidson left, i think i might have cried a little. i never got into the later doctors, but i always watched the original five doctors when they were on.

i enjoyed my hermitude.


today this show is popular. it's been redone and it's actually cool to admit that you watch it, which still feels a little bizarre to me. so writing a whole anthroscope post about it isn't as weird as if (had blogs and their ilk been around back then) i had written a post like this back when i was in high school.

a couple of days ago, one of the actors who had been on the show the longest, nicholas courtney (who played brigadier alistair gordon lethbridge-stewart — what a name!) passed away.

if you've never seen the show or just aren't into this sort of thing, that's okay. but for the rest of you, th was kind enough to make me this clip of mr. courtney offering tea to one of the second doctor's companions, zoe, at a somewhat inopportune time. this is from the first story arc where mr. courtney appears as the brigadier. (previously the character had appeared as a colonel, and before that mr. courtney had appeared as entirely different character.)


i know tea isn't a very strong reason to show a clip in the anthroscope, but oh well. if i remember correctly, someone once wrote an anthological piece based entirely off of the dune movies. maybe someday, when i get really bored or sick of people, i'll write my own ethnography based off of doctor who and then all of this will be justified.


until then, i'm just going to be sad for a little bit.