through the anthroscope, week seven

i've been thinking a lot recently about lost identities — those that are discarded or rejected by society because they veer away from the "normal" cultural experience.

the refugee experience is a global concept, one that is becoming increasingly polarized with rapidly-changing political climates. emigration and immigration are often a difficult processes; they are physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing and there is little time between the two to rebound.

while not a new phenomenon by any means, im/emigrant stories are often lost, discarded, or excluded from national identities — often by both their homeland and by their new home.

because of this, im/emigrants often find themselves as a global "other;" someone who doesn't quite belong in any place.

the stories project is a rather interesting project. self described as a "living collection of untold australian stories," this clip presents beautifully two drastically different immigrant stories — that take place in the same space ten years apart.

for those of you who generally stop by here just food talk and thoughts, you might be interested that most of the clip has a passive focus on food, using spaces such as kitchens and grocery stores to further storytelling and featuring family food photos.