a parcel of pages, lp

lists of links with random animal-group-but-not titles and nice cactus-y pictures are a new thing this year in the cactus garden. the links, all anthropology, food, or fiction inspired make sense. so do the cactus-y pictures. the random titles are because i get bored easily. you can see our first list, kb's rookery of resources, here.



lp takes fabulous pictures, bakes and cooks up a storm (when she's in the mood), and knits crochets like a pro over at her blog, angry asian creations. lp makes me wish all food was plated with ribbons and my iphone wishes it could grow up to be her camera. —sm


lp's parcel of pages

i received my first digital camera at thirty, a simple rinky dink HP point/shoot. two months later i created angry asian creations, as a craft blog. i was inspired by blogs like homemade by jill, craft apple, and stardust shoes. for the record, i still find these blogs to be incredibly awe-inspiring every time i visit, but to be fair, i haven't been to these pages in about a year. you see, i merged over to food, photography, fashion and dare i say it ... random LIFE-centric type of blogs - like running, dating, love, parenting. but my space still does boast a few crafty goodness i happen to spew out and sometimes, if i'm really low on content, i might throw up some wannabe arty-farty pictures.
so in the three years i've been blogging, i've gone through two point/shoot cameras and finally settled on a nikon dslr. i still don't have much focus on the types of food i make & document and i tend to stick to just the yarn creations. many people inspire me, pretty much making me yearn for more hours in the day to complete it all, as well as doodle a whole lot of dreams to one day be fulfilled somehow.
food lust:
wandering chopsticks
food loves writing
kiss my spatula
bon appetit hon
a dork & his pork
picture lurve:
max wanger **
one love photo
we live young **
the sartorialist
kendi everyday
embodiment of perfect words & living:

live inspired
the western wind **
how very lucky to be a girl
anthimeria **

there are so many, many, MANY blogs out there that touch my heart, that i aspire to be like in essence... they are lush, they are warm, they make you feel like living to the fullest. if i am able to even have a fraction of whatever it is that these people have, i would consider myself so very blessed.

** = ultimate faves