and here we go again



well, look at that. 

it's been another year. 


i suppose we should do all of that blog-birthday-annual-report-wrap-up-nonsense. 

ooh, i'm going to come up with a new word!

it's not a blog birthday, it's a blogday.

see what i did there?


a lot has happened here since our last blogday


kb celebrated her one-year anniversary writing for seeds in september. (okay, she didn't really celebrate. we both forgot about it until after the fact. oops.)

i started grad school. if i keep taking classes at the rate i'm going, i'll likely be done by the end of summer. and i'll probably lose all my hair. or go blind. or take up an odd hobby, like weasel hunting. or running a marmoset circus.

it's okay, though. when kb and i finish grad school, not only will we be so smart, we have plans to do something crazy.

like go on for our doctorates.

somehow it all makes sense.



so, basic stats and such:

this past year the cactus garden saw over 114,000 visitors, which considering kb and i do almost no advertising at all, is actually kind of impressive. 

i'm not going to even try an add up the number of page views we had on top of that. it was a lot. we'll leave it at that.

by far and away, our most popular post this past year was the cookie jar poem.

our most frequent search question was "disguise turtle." yeah, i have no clue, either. 

in january, the anthroscope became a regular feature in the garden.

we also had a good run with m.f.k. fisher mondays

we told more of the king of the road story.

books on my parents' shelves became a regular subset of the cactus garden. it also transitioned into more games and less nonsense. well, no. it's all still nonsense.

we've slowly been sorting through my old undergrad notes in the undergrad garth, trying to decipher my handwriting and decide if there's anything worth keeping.

we started a few more resource pages. the global gardens is a (slowly) growing list of food- and anthropology-based projects and communities. the gastronomic anthropologist's almanac is an also-growing almanac of food holidays and famous anthropologists, sociologists, and food enthusiasts.

drunk food book club got off to a slow start, but it's picking up as i start to write about the books i'm reading in class. (hey, everyone needs an outlet.)

i've gotten way behind posting my 365 days of food photos, but don't worry. they'll all be up by the end of the year. somehow.

and finally, we started cooking with the second lieutenant. so i guess we did get a mascot after all. damnit.  




so what do we have to look forward to in the next year?

i guess more posts.

and, since kb and i are juggling crazy schedules, more awkward silences in between posts.

but, besides that, there'll be more resources going up as we find them. 

essentially, it'll all be business as usual. 

which is just fine with me. 



happy blogday.