king of the road, part eight

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Jasper climbed back down and motioned us over. “Pass them out,” he said. He opened up the briefcase and pulled out the forms, a pen, the clipboard, and the digital camera. “Let’s register them.”

It was slow going at first —especially after we left that three-car perimeter— going car to car, getting everyone’s name, picture and shirt size. The t-shirts were popular with the kids. You kept saying you were glad we had gotten so many smaller sizes. It was also lucky, you said, that we had switched up the sayings on the bumper stickers and shirts so they didn’t all say the same thing. It was cleverer that way.


words: 110


i'm not going to lie, i actually love the look of this stock photo briefcase. it's got a lot of character. i would totally carry a briefcase like that.

seeing as there's been a lot more people stopping by, i sort of feel like i should be giving a bit more of an explanation about the king of the road series, but i'm not fully sure if that's necessary or not. so, how about you tell me? if you have any questions, are a bit confused, or whatever, let me know and i'll try to sort everything all out in the next king of the road post.