through the anthroscope, week one

it's the middle of the middle of the week, and that's just sort of depressing.

it's that point where you're ready for the week to be over, but it's not close enough to the end that you can make a break for it or mentally check out.

you're just sort of there.


so, to brighten your wednesdays, i'd like to introduce you to the anthroscope.

if the cactus garden was a real place, the anthroscope would be a small observatory in the center of the garden. it would have white-washed stucco walls; in early spring vines would be trained to grow up along the sides. i would hire someone to stop me from training the vines to grow in random words and shapes. inside would only be a small viewing room with a handful of seats and a small projector. there would be a small loft with a large telescope and the roof would open up at night so we could look at the stars.

yes, the anthroscope and the cactus garden would be that awesome.


for our first set of clips, i thought we'd look at urban farming.

urban farming is both an anthropological and culinary hot-button issue right now.

it plays directly into urban renewal, leed buildings, community development, and the slow food movement. as diverse as all of these areas are, urban farmers have been developing a clear cultural identity through their deviant food systems.

how these alternative agricultural lifestyles affect traditional farmers and developing city-life identity in the long term still remains to be seen... but that doesn't mean we can't speculate on it.

a few weeks ago i posted the truck farm teaser in seeds. while not the whole documentary, these three truck farm episodes (an expansion on the teaser) give a glimpse into some of the exciting creative farm solutions developing in new york city. best of all, it does it set to one the most amazing, original soundtracks i think i've ever heard.





if you take anything away for these clips, i hope it's this:

"hudson couldn't swing a dead cat without finding something to eat."

that one made me laugh until i almost cried.