the foodite declaration of independence

i posted this almost a year ago when i was trying out posting in a different, online food community. i'll admit, i always thought that was a mistake. not because there was a problem with the declaration, but because i was trying to play by a different moderator's rules — and that just felt wrong to me. (also, uploading, formatting, and editing was difficult.)

i love this piece. i still feel it expresses where i stand on food, stupid food terms, and personal respect.

whether you've seen seen it before or not, i hope you enjoy it!

— sm



we, the foodites, have some decisions to make.

we are at the crossroads of culture versus phenomenon and it is time to become concerned for our identity. it is time to consider who we are, what we hold morally important, and how we interact and represent ourselves to the world around us. these are things we might possibly hold to be true:

we are not “foodies.” we hold food and culture to be significantly important, but we do not judge others by it or by their choices. it is our place to encourage and enjoy food, but not guilt others into our fold or rebuke them for eating what they like, what is available to them, or what is affordable. we are also not cutesy, not annoying, and avoid coining irritating food phrases.

we humbly appreciate each others’ company and are willing to listen and discuss rather than try to out-shout and out-preach each other. and we enjoy sharing foods, ideas, and recipes with each other, whether in person or via electronic formats.

while we realize the importance of good and wholesome foods, we do not guilt ourselves for not being able to adhere to strict ideals. using canned tomatoes does not make us a bad person or foodite. we are products of our society and, in embracing our culture of food while simultaneously being active participants in the world, we must acknowledge that all things and all foods have their time and place. we are human and do not hold ourselves to impossible standards; instead, we embrace the possible and encourage the changes we wish to see in our daily lives and in the world.

we do not worship false television cooking idols, though we do hold them to be amusing and occasionally remark on their bizarre, self-important behavior.

we believe in the right to photograph food without judgement or silly assumptions by mass media. (we also believe in asking permission before we photograph in public.)

we believe in reducing food waste and attempt to join the Clean Plate Club when possible. we do not guilt ourselves or our bodies when it is not possible and, in those cases, consider it a good deed to look for alternative methods of reducing unnecessary waste. we also think composting and worms are kind of cool.

we hold all things relevant, whether listed above or in the comments below, in great seriousness and humor to be true. except for those things that are false.


sm, et. others who agree...