the year of the zephyr

why? because it's time for some perspective.

winds of change and all that.


how was your new years?

mine looked a bit like this:



blueberries in champagne. a good start to things.


walks in the woods.







ridiculously cute puppies.


and good friends.





which i only photographed.

trust me, it was safer that way.

no one lost an eye.









tea with family and friends.








and i finally got to meet my new niece, simleen.




for those of you who have been patiently waiting, here's a quick m.f.k.f. monday to tide you over:



half-and-half cocktail

½ cup dry vermouth

½ cup dry sherry

½ lemon


dash of angostura bitters if desired


pour vermouth and sherry into shaker over cracked ice. add lemon juice and bitters. stir well, pour into glass and top with the rest of the lemon rind.


little salty crackers or a fresh bowl of freshly toasted nuts are good with sherry, or with half-and-half. these drinks can be served in the old martini glasses, and afterwards you can have a china pitcher or a carafe of wine on the table (fisher 332).


i honestly didn't like this one very much, which was disappointing.

i love sherry in foods. apparently i don't like it much as the basis of a beverage.

perhaps, with more lemon (i just used a few gulgs of lemon juice) it would more resemble a sour.

my mum mentioned that it reminded her of the types of drinks her grandmother appreciated.

just another sign of changing times and tastes.


and that's where all things stand thus far in the cactus garden.

all in all, a good start.

zephyrs indeed.


happy new year, and happy monday.