a rookery of resources, kb


no lie, i'm big on references, citing sources, and all that.


have you looked at the critical citations or the daring destinations pages?

those are all sources.

my favorites are called "delightful distractions." they're all written and maintained by people i know.

i know some pretty cool people.


ooh, or have you looked at the epicurean canon? or the mentionable media page?

those sources all link to amazon.

i don't know about you, but i think that's pretty awesome.

but i also have a pretty bad book buying addiction.


since i'm big on citing sources, i'm also big on collecting references.

so, this year, when i was plotting out the cactus garden (like a real garden, i carefully plan where and when each post is going to go — it's actually rather sensible), i asked several friends to write out lists of their favorite food, anthropology, or writing sources.


these three areas (food, anthropology, and fiction — or rather, writing in general) are the basis of the cactus garden. they make a pretty crazy but awesome hybrid plant.

(i'm going to go on a ridiculous tangent now. it probably won't make sense. but that's okay.)

it's kind of like if an aloe, a blooming cactus, and a desert rose all got together and fused into one plant.

some people wouldn't want to touch it with a stick (because of the thorns; let's stick with the metaphor here), some people would think it was pretty bad ass that you could use it to treat burns or drink it or eat it, and some people would just think it looks nice and walk away.

not everyone would want one of their own. (which would be fine, because hybrids can be expensive, you know.)

but that wouldn't mean it wouldn't have any value. and the same is true with these diverse-but-not subjects.


all of these things have value to the cactus garden.

the food posts might make you hungry. or gross you out. both are fine.

the anthropology posts might bore you a little. or they might give you something to talk about next time there's an awkward silence happens at a party. those are both fine, too.

the fiction posts might distract you during your lunch break. or maybe you just put off reading them because you missed the first few posts and don't know what's going on (kb!). that's all okay, too.

all of these things come out of imagination.

all of these things are things we've not only created, but we've deemed worthy to continue and cultivate.

and that's pretty impressive when you think about it.


so, for our first rookery of resources (yes, i totally got amused linking animal group names to link titles; likely i will keep coming up with more of them), i asked kb for her top ten picks.

kb is a regular contributor to seeds. she also writes restaurant reviews for the examiner. i think she's a photographer superhero. i also wouldn't be surprised if i visited her apartment and there was a pet shark in the tub.


kb's rookery of resources

savage minds

noble pig

anna the red's bento factory

anthony bourdain

austin bush photography



the amateur gourmet

anne's food

seoul eats