king of the road, part nine

if you haven't been following along, you'll probably want to read the first eight parts of our story.

those parts are all right here.

trust me, everything will make a lot more sense if you do.




Jasper lagged behind handing out job applications and flattening the cars of the more belligerent drivers when you weren’t looking. Around early afternoon you told him he couldn’t just do that arbitrarily anymore and that he wasn’t allowed to kill people when you were around. Especially if he couldn’t explain to you how he was doing it. Everyone else got a lot more cooperative whenever he crunched another one, though.

A disparate crowd followed us down the highway. Someone pointed out the fire in the fields was getting dangerously close, but Jasper blew it back the way it had come.


words: 100


last time i asked if there was anything in particular anyone wanted explained about the king of the road series. without stating the questions/comments i received (because that's boring), here are some answers:

  • king of the road is a story i've already written — mostly.
  • i try to share it in small segments —about 100 words at a time— to keep it from getting overwhelming.
  • it was not written for any specific writing project.
  • the images are all stock photos. sadly, i am unable to stage photos that go along with the storyline. sometimes you need to use your imagination with the photos i find.
  • yes, it helps to read the previous parts first in the correct order.
  • king of the road segments are generally posted on fridays. not every friday. just the fridays i feel like posting.
  • yes, it's fiction.


hope this helps.