king of the road, part four

if you're just joining us and want to catch up to the story, the first three parts (and their lovely stock photos) are here.


“You take the bumper stickers,” I offered. “I’ll take the t-shirts.” You tactfully didn’t mention the gender disparity thing and I tactfully didn’t say I could bench-press you.

“Thank god he didn’t bring them all,” you said. “These are heavy enough as it is.”

“Should’ve gotten a rolling suitcase,” I said.

“That would have been smart,” you said, but conversations are always difficult when you only know someone through someone. And us, we knew each other through Jasper, so that just doubled the awkwardness. “Think he’ll want the cape?” you asked, but we didn’t need to answer that question.

words: 99


yes, i know. the car above totally doesn't look like the car trunk in the second part. let's think creatively here, people. after all, i am illustrating this randomness entirely with stock photos which really, when you think about it, isn't that easy. and this bit was particularly hard to find a picture for because it was mostly dialogue.

imagine the rusty car trunk from the previous post melded with the vehicle above. or just pretend the above truck is a station wagon that's lot rustier than it looks and has a bad paint job in the back. the color of the sky is right. the two characters are standing just out of view on the right. the funeral home and fields are behind them there. to the left a short walk away is an incline, and on top of that incline is a highway lined with cars.

can you see it? awesome. you guys rock.