pizza perfection

i've been horribly remiss. in all of this writer's block and nonsense, i never got around to this Very Important Post.

a few weeks ago i had the best pizza the world. (top gear, anyone? sorry. i'm tired and it's friday.)

rdf and amdf were kind enough to invite my family over for dinner. rdf had at one point been a professional pizza maker (chef? baker? i'm not sure what title he would prefer here) and he's perfected the art.

the whole experience was so amazing, it's better that i just show you the awesomeness. if i screw up any of the details, i'll do my best to update or correct them later. (by the way, normally i try to restrain myself and just pick the best photos, but not this time. sorry about some of the slightly blurry shots.)

so, everything was made fresh. and from scratch.

rdf and amdf can their own tomatoes from their garden to use for their sauces.

more on that in a bit.

prepping the dough.

spinning and flouring the pie pan.

the oven is set to 400-something-ridiculous (okay, maybe 425?) degrees.

but it's a convection oven, so the whole baking process is very fast.

rdf bakes pizza in two stages.

the dough and sauce go into the oven for about five minutes on the pan.

then it comes back out.

(look at the steam there!)

the crust is brushed.

cheese and toppings (in this case sausage, carmalized onions, and mushrooms) are added.

and the pizza goes back into the oven, without the pan, for another four minutes.

and then... perfection.

rdf made several pizzas like this. he also made a white pizza.

my mum is 99.9% sure the cheeses on that one were mozzerela, fontina, and gorgonzola.

by that point, i was too busy eating to take photos.

tough luck.

along with the pizza, we had salad from their garden.

omg, olive love.

and for dessert, the best tiramasu i've ever had.

seriously. this thing was decadent.

a look at the tomato plants in their garden.

look how huge they are — it's crazy!

the jarred tomatoes.

jarred eggplant.

the line of jars.

and empties. (the rows of filled jars went back just as deep.)


any further commentary on this is going to need to wait a bit because i am desperately craving pizza now.