this is a bonus post — one i did not expect to be writing any time soon. sb invited me on an impromptu grocery adventure. hijinks ensued, but let's just get to the point.

i found mangosteens.

i first read about mangosteens in adam leith gollner's book the fruit hunters. (awesome book, by the way. go read it.) besides miracle fruit, from reading that book, mangosteens made it onto my list of foods to try. if you want in depth details about mangosteens, go here.

i haven't been able to find any in the area. not in farmer's markets, grocery stores, or anywhere else slightly savory. so, while i dislike the ever increasing globalization of our food systems, i was way too excited when sb and i found mangosteens at wegmans. of course, because mangosteens are not common in the baltimore area (they're a tropical fruit, orginated originally in southeast asia), that means finding them tonight meant two things:

  1. the mangosteens wegmans carries is no way near as fresh as the fruit should be. (probably. who knows what the eff they do to fruit these days to make it keep. it's scary. again, go read that book.)
  2. the mangosteens came at a pretty hefty price: one mangosteen cost $3.

i almost put them them back when i saw the price. almost.

and then i said what the eff and bought them anyway.

and then i took them home, cut them open, took too many photos, and tried two.

oh. my. god. citrus-y, but milky, but kind of pineapple-y. not too sweet, not sour at all.

i may have a new favorite fruit.

and this is after tasting them not at their best.



on another note, my mum and i learned an important lesson tonight. apparently, if i call home and ask what we need, the response is not "oh, just get something fun."

because this happened...

well, you don't say that unless you're expecting canned octopus in garlic sauce.

i think we may have different ideas of fun.


p.s. i can totally think up a one-dish meal or two using all of the above ingredients, can you?