king of the road, part three


There were two large duffle bags inside. On top were our shirts and Jasper’s cape. You pulled your shirt on over your tank top. Somewhere between the bar last night and the car ride that morning you doctored it up: shortened the sleeves and cut a ‘v’ in the neckline that almost sliced the lettering. You could sell shooters in a shirt showing cleavage like that, except, instead of saying anything dumb or funny, both our shirts had ‘Goon’ written on them. You had decorated your iron-on letters with blue glitter.


words: 91


i'm still alive. still on a mental holiday. thought you all could use a bit more of the story to pass the time until i come up with something interesting to say. oh, and i thought i'd reassure you all that i haven't died or anything.

don't you just love the abstract duffle bag zipper picture? well, it's not really abstract, but in terms of the story, it is. you wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find a stock photo of duffle bags, t-shirts, and a cape packed neatly inside of an old car truck.