burnout and the blogger


burnout. it's bad.

somewhere in-between looking up 8,000+ library addresses, working on multiple side projects, a whole bunch of other stuff, and battling the baltimore heat, my brain fried. not just fried. it charred. it withered up into a crispy little ember and accidentally got blown away by a (rare) passing breeze.

so i'm going to take a step back for a bit.

i'm not going to disappear all the way, but for the next few weeks, i'm going to ease up on the real posts — maybe just plant some seedling posts over in the seeds journal here and there. i'm also going to slow down on the books on my parents' shelves blog. (speaking of, there is a fan page up for the books blog on facebook now. it's a test-run fan page; if it seems worthwhile, i may eventually make one for the cactus garden.) i need to scan more covers there, but i haven't had the time to sit down to work on that project. again, this doesn't mean that i'm not posting, i'm just going to be working a little slower while i regroup.

i'm also going to be taking a small a step back from facebook, gmail chat, and other such stuff. i'll still be on to manage the writing group i admin on facebook, but that's about it. i can still be reached through there, but that's probably not the best method of catching my attention. oh, and happy birthday to anyone who's birthday i may miss in the next few weeks.

in the interim, i'm going to try to take a few days off of work soon, get some serious thinking done about where these projects are going next, getting some writing done on the new book, and study a bit more for the fso test.

and tonight, after i take some pain killers for the carpal tunnel that has been making writing difficult the past couple weeks, i'm going to try out a recipe i've been making up in my head. one version involves pizza dough and bacon. i may even take a picture for you.