a couple of questions

sometimes i look at all of the food blogs, cookbooks, magazine and newspaper food sections, recipe databases, and wonder why on earth all we all going on about food still? what the bleeping bleep is there left to say?

when you look at it all, and there is a lot out there, there really isn't that much that's new. sure food news pours in every day - reviews of local restaurants (most of which i will probably never eat at), multitudes of recipes for the same dishes over and over again, press releases of new processed foods that are really the same processed foods we've had for years just repackaged - but that doesn't really mean anything. we're reading the same recycled articles over and over and over again. there is so much we could be discussing, but so little we're actually saying.

of course, everything we write and read is a learning experience. and everyone learns and cultivates knowledge in their own way and at their own speed. so my sense of foodite despair may seem unfounded to you, but that's why this is such an important question. i mentioned recently that i was rss-fed-up, and while i've caught up with my reader, that sense of despondency hasn't quite left me. is this an early summer slump? i don't know. but i do think it is important to address the fact that we seem to be repeating ourselves - over, and over, and over again. food trends are one thing, but if all we ever do is jump from one bandwagon to another, at some point we're going to have to ask ourselves who's steering and where the hell these wagons are all going.


so, on that note, i have a couple of questions for you:


do you read food news, articles, blogs, recipes, what-have-you?

and if you do, does what you read seem new and intriguing most or all of the time? or does it all feel like permutations of the same-old-same-old?

what keeps you reading and what makes you stop?

and where do you think food writing should or could go (or stay)?