housekeeping and weeding


so we missed spring cleaning... so what? i have mild ocd, so that means there's spring cleaning, summer cleaning, fall cleaning, and winter cleaning — not to mention gosh-darn-it-i-didn't-do-laundry-when-i-should-have-last-week cleaning. apparently blog cleaning is just as time consuming as regular cleaning since i've been putting it off like that last load of laundry. (don't worry, i still have clean clothes. ocd, remember?)

so here's what's what:

  • just redid and uploaded photos in the gourmet gallery. i highly recommend checking out sb's pac man birthday cookie — that he has no recollection of devouring! the photos in the galleries are not all in correct chronological order and none of them are named. that may or may not be fixed in the near future. but i'm guessing you're all pretty smart and can tell what's a pie and what's asparagus.
  • i've been working on the daring destinations links. there's a new section at the bottom of the list with links to friends and family members' projects, blogs, and sites. (if you don't see yours posted, that doesn't mean i've disowned you. it just means i haven't gotten to yours, figured out the best link, or the correct adjective to describe your work yet. these things take time. and perhaps an email reminder.) i'll also be updating the links in the regular list to include some more anthropological/sociological links and some new "blogger friends." ("blogger friends," if you're curious, are fellow bloggers i've only met once in person or have only met online. they can graduate to real friends once i've met them more than once and can prove they're real people. and friendly. but that's just my definition.)
  • a new page has been added, the seed bank. it's basically a cheat sheet to find posts from the seeds feed — which i've been trying to be a bit better about updating. if you haven't been following the seeds journal and are wondering why you haven't been seeing updates on facebook or gotten direct links ... well, i'm just not that needy. you can check it out or ignore it; i don't really mind one way or another.
  • since it's been over half a year and over fifty posts since the cactus garden has settled in here at squarespace, i'm considering getting rid of the past gardens page. as much as i love the page description ("a quiet compost of cactus gardens gone by"), the formatting is iffy from multiple site transfers, the content is not as strong as i'd like it to be, and honestly i just don't care enough about it to leave it hanging around. a few of the better pieces i'm planning to hold off to the side to expound upon or repost when i need material, but a lot of the older posts are just painful memories from difficult days. let's let them go.
  • if you would like to receive email updates when new posts are up, i've decided an official email list won't kill me or make me tear out my hair. you can send me your name and email (it's not an either/or situation — say both and make sure you tell me why you're giving me your contact information) through the contact sm page or facebook. once you're on the list, all you'll receive from me will be post updates. emails basically contain two links: one to the new cactus garden post and one to the new books on my parents' shelves post. your email will not be shared with anyone else and you will not receive anything else from me because, honestly, spam takes time and effort. and i just don't have any energy or care enough to do anything like that. if you ever want your name taken off the list, just send me an email requesting so. i'll only be mildly offended ... for about a minute or so. less if you're nice about it. (it's been a long day. can you tell?)
  • i'm not sure if i mentioned it in a previous post or not, but the epicurean canon now only contains books. movies and other media (although, right now i think it's only movies) are on the mentionable media page.
  • the faces and food project is still going on. if you tend to keep up with this blog, i highly suggest you do the following things:
  • go to the faces and food post. or the anthropological abstracts page.
  • read about the project. (there's an open discussion page here if you have any questions and/or comments. but since no one's posted anything there in the past several months, i'm pretty sure it's just a waste of space.)
  • decide what your favorite/a favorite food is.
  • have that for dinner. or whatever your next meal is.
  • take a photo according to the project's directions.
  • send it in — according to the project's directions.
why should you do this, you're wondering? two reasons. first, you're helping contribute to not only this site's core visual anthropology project, but also to the site itself. and second, it's an awesome excuse to eat something you love for dinner tonight. hopefully, between those two reasons, you can find all the justification you need.
  • for those of you who read the garden's posts through rss feeds, you may have noticed i've only started posting summaries in the feeds rather than whole posts. i'm sorry if that's inconvenient or annoying, but i was noticing serious formatting problems in google reader. (if you use a different reader and weren't having problems, please let me know — i'm curious.) until either google reader shapes up its act or i get tired and forget to include a summary, i'm going to keep to this format. that said, i dislike the semi-traditional phrase "more after the jump." if you have any better food/anthropological/garden-y phrases or ideas that could work, please pass them on. i can only come up with so many alliterative garden and food phrases.

i think that covers most of what i've been working on and clearing out here. and now that it's officially summer, i can tell you that you can look forward to more posts about restaurants, book/food/drink/media pairings, a cupcake factory tour, the best pizza ever, canning tomatoes, and more in the coming months. (fall should be pretty interesting, too, so don't go on vacation for too long.)

i just need to find the energy and time to sit down and write it all.


happy summer,