rss overdose

if you can't tell from my last post, i've been in a bit of a funk. actually, to be alliteratively accurate, it's been "a funk and a flu." i spent the past couple of days holed up in my bed taking this crazy, awesome flu medicine (oscillococcinum) and watching my cat, phebe, tackle stuffed animals. exciting times.

i'm back to work and mostly better now, but i'm still feeling really drained and exhausted.

so, in the spirit of not feeling like dealing with a lot of things, i thought i'd share with you all the food-related rss feeds that i'm just too tired to catch up on. i'm sure when summer kicks in and i start really feeling better i'll catch up on everything, but for now i'm just going to keep clicking "mark everything as read" and not feel guilty about it.

why do i feel like this is a good thing to do? i have no clue. i've been meaning to update the daring destinations page for a while now, but just haven't gotten up the energy to tackle it. i don't want to add a lot, just some of the pages i glance at regularly. but, whatever. it'll happen when it happens.

and if you're really wondering, yes. i am just trying to distract you while i'm not being interesting. so scroll through and read something else already.

as it is, here is the list of things i just don't feel like reading (which is just about everything in my rss feed):

one family. friendly food.

101 cookbooks

alexandra's kitchen

anissa's blog

anne's food

appon's thai food recipes

austin bush photography

baker's banter

baltimore sun food and restaurants

beer haiku daily

beer news

chocolate & zucchini

civil eats

coconut & lime

cook sister!

david lebovitz


epic portions


fed up with lunch: the school lunch project

fda press releases

food in jars

food loves writing

food politics

food processing

food with legs

four pounds flour


houseboat eats

ideas in food

indian food recipes

joy the baker

junglefrog cooking

juji chews

khana khazana

kitchen critic


lettuce eat kale

lentil breakdown

my food looks funny

new crockpot slowcooker recipes

not martha

npr topics: food

nyt: dining & wine


organic spark

serious eats

simply recipes


smitten kitchen

so good

steamy kitchen


taste spotting

the amateur gormet

the empty kitchen

the food section

the world's healthiest foods

thursday night smackdown

viet world kitchen

wasted food

would i buy it again?



p.s. this may seem like a lot, but this isn't even half of the food rss feeds in my reader. yeah. it's that bad.