problem post

i don't want to write this blog post. but i know i should. so i am.

here's the problem:

normally when i write a post, i know what i want to say. i get an idea, mull over it for a couple days, maybe map it out in my head, and then i write it. it's a process. and, for the most part, it works.

occasionally i'll have days where i'm just inspired. i barely have to think about writing, the words just flow onto the page (or, in this case, screen).

but then there are days like today, days where i think something along the lines of: "expletive, expletive, expletive! haven't written a post in a while. come up with something quickly."

usually i'm lazy enough to just wait until an idea pops up or it starts to look really, really terrible (i.e. march), but somehow today i've managed to guilt myself into writing without knowing what to say. it hasn't been quite long enough to warrant an apology and i still don't have an actual topic. so, yeah...

honestly, i'd rather be taking a nap right now. i've been feeling pretty low lately and i've been kind of sick this past week. i took off work yesterday and slept for most of the day. that was nice. i probably should have slept through all of it. i wouldn't mind sleeping through this whole week. and then the next. if i get better soon, i think i may consider a new career as a hypochondriac. but only if it has full dental included in the benefits.

ugh, i was going to tell you about foodites and food flag photos, but i give up. we'll talk about irony next time.