show and tell: new library giveways

this is a very strange and difficult post for me to write.

well, not really.

it just feels like my two blog worlds ("in the cactus garden" and "books on my parents' shelves") are crashing into each other today.

it's not a five-car-pile-up or anything, just a bit of awesome-ness from my work.

but that awesome-ness suddenly has me merging blog writing styles. i'm afraid i may get a bit confused here. who knows i may say? or what i might accidentally Capitalize?

see? dangerous.

as the post title says, this is a quick show and tell piece.

i work for a wonderful library system.

this past week we got some of our new giveaways in.

and they're just awesome.

here's the cover:

awesome, right?

if it looks slightly faded, that's because there's a clear frosted cover over the picture.

that cover flips around and becomes a sturdy back.

why does this booklet need a sturdy back, sm, you ask?

well, let's take a glance inside:


so, the front page of every page in the booklet looks like this.

and the back of every page looks like this:

as you can tell by the binding, the paper is pretty light weight and can tear out easily.

if you check out the cover again, you'll see an extra line over the bcpl logo - that's actually a pocket. there's another pocket inside the cover.

from here we could easily discuss the importance of the library giving out nice freebies like this,

or i could say something pithy,

but the mixed-blog-messages i'm getting are really throwing me off.

so let's just admire this little booklet,

tell my boss she has wonderful taste,

and call it a day.


happy weekend, everyone!